Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today I tried Gridding...I just made a mess. I could not figure it all out by what I did. I think if I could learn to grid I would get less frustrated and overwhelmed...but now, im overwhelmed with trying to grid LOL!! I spent hours making boxes only to be confused by them in the end and to have to pull them out. I wonder if you can grid with a pen or something. I would love to do that. Make it much easier. well, maybe.

On another note, I noticed a mistake I made on home sweetness. I am off one stitch too far to the right on the chimmney. Intstead of pulling out all the stitches I will just try to make it up some how when I am done. I hope it all works out. I usually make mistakes, so it will be okay I am sure. My Hubby says it makes it more original. hehehe.

I think the way I stitch is called frogging. I wonder what the other way is like. I think it is like when I do just plain needlepoint and I through two holes in one shot. hmmm, things to think on.

Well...Off to stitch.


  1. I've never tried gridding either Jenn, it looks way too complicated!! You can use washable fabric pens to mark the grids apparently, but as I don't tend to wash my projects unless necessary, it wouldn't work for me.
    Happy stitching x

  2. Thank you susie!! I just cant get it. The video someone sent may be good. I have to watch it when I have some time. Right now my new project is driving me bonkies!